CapaWinUpgrade 5.0 - Release Notes

Released on November 9th 2021 - Updated on August 24, 2023

To fully utilize CapaWinUpgrade, endpoints must be able to communicate with the CapaOne API.

New Features

Windows 11 is now supported !

The compatibility scan included with the product also scans for compatibility of hardware components.

Upgrade phases gives us complete control over the sequence of packages and functions that needs to be executed during a feature upgrade.

Upgrade phases has made it possible to keep the package status as Installing in the console, for the “Upgrade” package, during the actual upgrade.



It’s now possible to force an upgrade prompt, when no end-user is logged on.

The logfile clearly indicates if and why the prompt is shown :


The product now contains 2 separate computer packages, that can be used to either push the feature upgrade to computers or to publish the feature upgrade in the software catalog.

Using separate computer packages makes it possible to differentiate how each package behaves.

Our Set & Forget mentality is now fully supported.

This means, that the product will automatically detect if a content package has already been applied, and then skip job execution accordingly.

The changes will probably not have a huge impact on daily operations, because the product automatically checks if the expected Windows feature upgrade has already been installed, and only proceeds if that's not the case.


Technical Stuff

Known Issues

  • Setting gbDebug=True will break the logging functionality


The old installation screen v1.x (released before 2016) is no longer supported.

You can use the package from the Remove Old Install Screen page to remove old installation screen components, before running the CapaWinUpgrade packages.

Download and Upgrade