CapaInstaller 6.6 Release Notes

New Features in CapaInstaller 6.6





We are thrilled to announce the release of CapaInstaller 6.6, packed with exciting new features aimed at enhancing the security and efficiency of your IT infrastructure. One of the standout additions in this release is full HTTPS support for all communication within our product, CapaInstaller.

With HTTPS support implemented throughout CapaInstaller, you can now enjoy a higher level of security for all data transmissions, ensuring that your sensitive information remains protected from potential threats. Whether you're deploying software updates, managing configurations, or performing remote tasks, rest assured that your data is encrypted and secure.

Furthermore, our Windows Update Server integration has been enhanced with HTTPS support as well. This means that all interactions between CapaInstaller and your Windows Update Server are now encrypted, providing an additional layer of security for your patch management processes.


Welcome to PowerShell in CapaInstaller; we call them PowerPacks.

In the earlier versions of CapaInstaller, PowerShell scripts must be executed from the VBScript with a command.

With our new version of CapaInstaller, a brand new PowerShell executions engine has been developed to support PowerShell scripts directly from CapaInstaller.

Read information about the PowerPacks and how to get started with PowerShell in CapaInstaller

In version 2.0 of PowerPacks it is now possible to ask the logged on user a question or give some information. You are also able to recieve the users answer for the question.

All CMS functions are now available from PowerPacks.

Intellisense for CMS functions in VS Code:


The select all option in our CapaInstaller Software Catalog has been removed while to many users typically used this option to install theier software (and many others).



Copy Relations feature will now remove the old package from the Software Catalog and have a better algoritm for suggest a proper name for the new package in Software Catalog.


With more that one Front-End server in your CapaInstaller environment it is now possible to have them in sync with package when you made a promote of a package change or prototing a new package.

You can enable a automated sync in the promote dialog or you can set the default values in Tools → Options in the CapaInstaller Console.




CapaOne Agent Update:

The CapaOne Agent Installation Package has been updated, in somes cases there could be some issues joining the right groups in CapaOne. This is fixed in CapaInstaller 6.6.

Known Issues

SDK still uses .NET Framework 3.5

The MDM Service could stop after upgrade, please reapply the correct Front-end Service for the MDM service in System Administration.



Downloading and Upgrading to CapaInstaller 6.6

Consider scheduling a security survey with your consultant to thoroughly review your CapaInstaller setup. By conducting this survey, you can identify potential vulnerabilities and implement necessary security enhancements. Additionally, updating CapaInstaller to the latest version ensures that you benefit from the most recent security patches and features. Don't overlook the importance of proactive security measures schedule your security survey today to fortify your CapaInstaller environment against potential threats.



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