CapaDrivers 1.6 - Release Notes

CapaDrivers v1.6 released on May 16, 2023 - Documentation updated on August 24, 2023

CapaInstaller must be running version 6.4 or newer

To fully utilize CapaDrivers, endpoints must be able to communicate with the CapaOne API.

New Features

Driver packs can now be targeted to match major OS versions, to ensure that only Windows 11 drivers are applied on Windows 11.

Please be aware that hardware vendors rarely offers Windows 11 driver packs for older hardware models.

Driver packs can be downloaded directly from CapaOne during installation.

Each driver pack now contains drivers for several hardware models.

The new driver pack format decreases the disk space requirement by up to 50%

Old driver pack format
New driver pack format


If package installation fails, the content of the standard log is uploaded to the CapaInstaller console.

With access to standard/debug information it’s a lot easier to troubleshoot failed packages when endpoints are offline or otherwise inaccessible.

The PreDriverCopyScript is updated with integration to the CapaDriversLib.

You can read more about the PreDriveCopyScript here

Technical Stuff

Instead of calling each function sequentially in the main packages, functions are now called from the CapaDrivers_Start_<PackagenName> function in each package.

The contents of the CapaFactoryLib has been merged into the CapaDriversLib.

VBScript code has been replaced with PowerShell code where it makes sense.

The integration of PowerShell code makes it easier to troubleshoot issues.

Faroese Language has been retired on behalf of our customers based in Faroe Islands

Known Issues

  • Setting gbDebug=True will break the logging functionality


OSD Common Drivers is no longer necessary

Download and Upgrade

As soon as you run the “Cloud Updater” package on your server, the new CapaDrivers v1.6 will be available in your environment.

It doesn’t require any implementation etc. if you already have the Cloud Updater.


When raising an incident regarding CapaDrivers, please attach the following log files, from the C:\Program Files\CapaInstaller\Client\Logs folder on the workstation.

  • CapaInstaller Agent.log

  • CapaInstaller Agent.exe.log

  • CapaInstaller BaseAgent.log

  • CapaInstaller Stub.log

  • CapaDrivers*.log

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