CapaInstaller 6.2 Release Notes

Very Important information:

With CapaInstaller 6.2 the CapaInstaller Windows Agents are built on .NET Framework 4.6 (Default in Windows 10) and .NET Framework 3.5 - if you have windows computers in your environment etc. Windows 7 without 4.6 installed you must wait with this upgrade until you have upgraded all computers.

If .NET Framework 4.6 is installed, you can continue.

New Features in CapaInstaller 6.2 - 2021

OS Deployment

With OS Deployment Templates, it’s possible to pre-stage configurations for OS Deployments. When computers have been pre-staged, all information about the computer’s reinstallation is pre-configured. Hence, none of the information needs to be handled by people initiating reinstallations, including the end-users.

This gives an easier way to create the right OS configuration for the end-users and control the rollout of the new OS Configurations.

The Templates are configured in CapaOne, so it’s a pre-requirement to have internet access to

See more information:



Management Portal

It’s now possible to ReInstall computers from the Management Portal when using OSD Templates.


When using OSD Templates, the end-users can initiate reinstallation by themself, with no worries from administrators about users selecting wrong installation parameters.

This is very useful for the end-user because they can plan their own day and initiate the reinstallation when it “fits” into their calendar and not when the IT department has the time .


The end-user can get information about their own computer from the management portal. This information can also be used by support to get information about software installation etc.


Mobile Device Management

iOS Update Command, it’s possible to initiate new iOS updates from CapaInstaller.

The iOS updates have two modes.

  • Download the update for the user (force download of the update to the users and make iOS announce the update for the user, this will not force a reboot)

  • Download and install update (force download and update of the update to the user, this will force a reboot)


Windows Agent


The other technical stuff





Management Portal and Self Service Portal

  • Management Portal must be upgraded after CapaInstaller has been updated.

    • Uninstall the old version and install the new version. (Setup is located in “CMP share” \Resources\Management Portal).

  • SelfServicePortal must be upgraded after CapaInstaller has been updated.

    • Uninstall the old version and install the new version. (Setup is located in “CMP share” \Resources\Self Service Portal).


Known Issues

  • In some cases, the CapaInstaller Installation Wizard fails when it updates the database - please contact support if you see this problem.

  • In some cases, the MDM service fails to start after the update. Checking cimdm.log shows an error: " MDM Service failed to obtain a correct CapaOne configuration from the backend service."

    • To fix this, go to System Administration → Software Accounts → CapaOne

    • Right-click on CapaOne and select Properties

    • Copy the token,  then delete the token and click OK

    • Right-click again on CapaOne, then select Properties and paste the token. Click OK.

    • Check that MDM service starts

  • In some cases, the OS Deployment Service stopped working with PXE boot after update - the solution was to reboot the server


  Downloading and Upgrading to CapaInstaller 6.2

  • See this site for download of CapaInstaller 6.2

  • See this site for how to update to CapaInstaller 6.2


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